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Passing the Nursing Board Exam - NCLEX-RN, is all about being prepared and ready, ARE YOU?

Registered Nurse

nurseVersity is All you need to PASS THE NCLEX the first time Guaranteed.

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Is there a bulk pricing discount?

nurseVersity does offer bulk pricing/discounts for purchases made directly by a school or nursing program. Typically, the best savings are produced by providing nurseVersity for an entire class.

Is there a benefit for referring others?

nurseVersity is always recruiting high quality individuals for the nurseVerstiy Student Connection Leader program. This is an exciting opportunity for talented individuals to reap the benefits of being a part of the nurseVersity campus team. If you would like to know more about the benefits of the program, contact us at for details.

Free Test Drive

Yes its real, we really do offer a FULLY functional 7 DAY TEST DRIVE. Create as many exams, knowledge checks as you want, set up your own study calendar, watch 100 hours of video or DO IT ALL. Our goal of the test drive is just that, try it all out and see for yourself why we have a 100% pass rate.

Free Predictive Score

Create a knowledge check, "The Adviser" provides in real-time what your exam score would be today. Not happy with the results follow the recommendation of  "The Adviser" and retake as many knowledge checks as you want. See for yourself why we have a 100% pass rate.

Why nurseVersity

Firstly, nurseVersity is much more than the standard unintelligent “question bank” you’ll find online from a variety of unverified sources! nurseVersity has created an NCLEX-RN specific exam with clinically based content that tests your knowledge as well as critical thinking ability. All of our content is designed by experienced medical and nurse educators. Our Team is made up of a wide range of individuals, including current and past nursing students who have been in your shoes, educators teaching at top universities, and senior eductors at the top of their fields. Together, they have created the thousands of questions that you can USE WITH CONFIDENCE today. What’s more, if you follow the Adviser’s recommnendations, nurseVersity GUARANTEES you will pass your exam THE FIRST TIME. You won’t find that guarantee anywhere else.

Yes...Yes! You Get Them All

Just like it says below each and every subsciption plan includes:
Qbank, FlashCards, Video Assist our Study Calendar and the Adviser.

We are confident in its ability to help you thoroughly prepare for your board certification exam. Satisfaction Guaranteed! We want you to be not just satisfied, but thrilled with all of nurseVersity products. We want you to see the difference for yourselves.

Your Nursing Success Starts Here

all developed for a registered nursing (RN) students preparing for their boards.

nurseVersity offers weekly webinars to ensure you hit the ground running. Drop us an email at and we will send over the details!



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